Scientist Package

Scientist game

The Science Party package is a splendid option for an energetic, cooperative experience for children. The Science-Themed Package is established on a sequence of experiments with child-friendly household ingredients. Our science experiments include Lava Lamps, Volcano Eruptions, Magic Lamp, Magic Milk, Glitters lime, Instant Snow, Crazy Ooze, Coke Explosion, Soda Rocket and lots more. All we need is the Area, A table, and Access to water.

Our Science Entertainer will be dressed up as a Scientist, wearing Goggles with a White Wig, and we provide a Scientist Apron and Goggles to all the kids.

Science Parties run for 1.50 hours to 2 hours. Most parties have time for 3 experiments and after that, we do balloon-twisting or Musical Games depending on availability.

The science package is one of the most reasonably priced options available.

Prices differ subject to the Selection of Package, Location, Number of Kids, and Duration of your party. Please call 1300976750 / 0433578940 to discuss your options.